Do you offer car audio services?

Can you repair XYZ?

Due to the volume of calls received daily, plus the fact that we do not personally have eyes on a unit to see any issues that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye, we cannot offer repair solutions or exact estimates over the phone. We can schedule a time to pick up your equipment to repair (call for a quote) or bring your equipment to us to check in and repair.

$75 Diagnostic fee for home AV equipment and TVs up to 75″: $125 for 75″ and larger

Need your home theatre equipment picked up for service? Call us for a quote at 515-254-1111

Some AV pieces may not be worth fixing due to manufacturers ceasing production of parts or the cost required to repair may exceed the cost of a new piece of AV equipment. We specialize in warranty repair of Sony, LG, Yamaha, and Monitor Audio and welcome non-warranty repair of all major audio video manufacturers.

For your convenience, our factory-trained technicians can provide in-home guaranteed service.

It’s obviously cheaper to buy online, why go through you?

Not true. There are set prices dictated by manufacturers like LG and SONY that every retail store, no matter the size, must follow. We offer the same prices on models as even the largest online or physical retailer.