Traviss Audio Video is relied upon by Iowans who require straight-to-the-point Home Theatre expertise. We are here for those that desire a knowledgeable demonstration of premium AV equipment on our showroom floors paired with a professional and informed member of our team.

From sale to installation or delivery to one day, the service your equipment may require, Traviss Audio Video is there to help you through it all.

Proud to have…

Delivered and installed thousands of TVs and audio systems across the great state of Iowa, setting up our community for years of home enjoyment or business use.

Repaired generations of Audio-Video electronics, rather than trashing them and taking up space in a landfill.

Saved incalculable amounts of Iowans sanity with our factory-trained technicians through in-home service and troubleshooting.

Your calls are answered by an AV expert, a person! We do not employ automated answering systems, you’re welcome.

From award-winning manufacturers like Sony and Yamaha to hidden gems like Monitor Audio and Tivoli Radio, Traviss Audio Video is always at the intersection of quality and affordability. We cut through the noise to bring you the best.

Browse the Manufacturers we partner with, knowing that we match even the largest box store or online retailers pricing.


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