We’ve been bringing the future to Des Moines since 1949

Our location and members may change but the premier service offered always stays.
Traviss Audio Video has proudly served the great state of Iowa for over seventy years and continues to deliver the very best in-home audio-video Sales and Service. Traviss Audio Video is an independent home electronics service provider.

Follow our lead, we’ve got your back.

Tech moves fast and it can be a dizzying task selecting a TV that you are going to rely on for the next decade*
Many may consult the internet as the first step in research. If you find yourself doing this it is important to keep in mind tech blogs and electronics sites receive hidden kickbacks to review a product fondly, this partnership between tech “review” sites and box giants have done a large disservice to you.
Google found you that hidden pizza place down the street from you, it’ll have your back when you’re dropping thousands of dollars on high-end home theatre equipment, right? Not so much.
If you are on the search for thoughtful recommendations and insight backed by 70+ years of successful home theatre installs look no further than Traviss Audio Video.

We offer:

  • Flagship models from award-winning manufacturers on our showroom floors, with AV experts available to answer any questions.
  • Professional installation and in-home setup.
  • Factory-trained and certified service technicians — including in-home service.
  • Iowa’s most thoughtful selection of AV furniture
  • Recommendations backed by thousands of home theatre installations, not by an impersonal algorithm.

Whether you need us 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years after purchase, we’ll be here to answer any questions and lend a helping hand.

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