Smart ≠ Complicated

It is easy to pine for the “simpler” days. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and it can be frustrating to feel lost with today’s overwhelming amount of options, features, apps, and more. We believe that smart electronics are only as difficult as the person helping you to learn them.
This is where Traviss rises to the occasion, we believe that Iowans deserve the best and for seven decades we have cut through the noise to bring our community Quality, Value, Support, and Service.
Every brand is now vying for you to join its ecosystem. Apple, Amazon, Samsung, LG, and Sony all have their own operating systems that will be compatible with different smart assistants or equipment, with different app stores that will have different apps available. It is important to take some time to look over the benefits and drawbacks that a brand or even TV model made by the same brand can offer.
At Traviss, we specialize in Sony TVs powered by AndroidTv. Google offers the most abundant AppStore, the most stringent privacy protection for your data, and the most useful features such as Google Voice Search and Apple Airplay compatibility.

Not all TVs Are Created Equal

Start by asking yourself what features or options are important to you. Some of the most important include but are not limited to…
  • Brightness and quality of the TVs picture (OLED, LED, QLED, MINI-LED. There is no “best”, only what is best for your space, the content you will be viewing, your eyes, and your budget)
  • Robust Privacy Policies (how is your data being utilized by these companies? Google limits tracking to display similar content you may enjoy while others are a little more liberal with their sharing)
  • Continued Software Updates (how long a company will decide your investment deserves software upgrades)
  • Stability of the TV Operating System (how fluid navigating around settings or launching apps feels)
  • Quality of Components “Ingredients” (this can affect the stability of the OS. Cheap components or build quality will affect the usability and stability of your TV or equipment years down the line. What was a cheap purchase 4 years down the line may turn into an expensive repair, or no repair as there are no parts available)
  • IO Ports (sockets that peripheral devices like HDMI cables to receivers or Audio Optical ports to soundbars. A wider range of IO ports allows greater adaptability and utilization of any existing devices you may have or adding peripheral AV equipment down the line as needs change)
  • Quality of Speakers. Sound is integral to immersion, lower cost sets may sacrifice the quality of speaker components, while manufacturers like Sony offer features like Acoustic Surface technology in some models, allowing richer sound through the screen itself. Minimal in appearance, powerful in practice.

Cheap TVs Get Cheap Support

You can find mouth-watering deals at your favorite members-only box store because these retailers do not seek out the highest quality TVs to stock on their shelves. They partner with manufacturers and request that they need 100,000 units to make the retailer a certain percentage, indifferent to the quality. The manufacturer then takes this request and fills it in any way it can. Slapping together Franken-TVs that are massive and bright… but burn out at a faster rate or do not have optical ports for your soundbar you just purchased a year ago.
Enjoyment of your home theatre extends years after purchase, think about how you want your investment backed, by an underpaid employee representing a company that seeks the highest margin on you or backing from an independent & family-owned shop that has been proud to serve Iowans for over 70 years.
Ponder it over, make note of the most important features you would like, and when you stop in we will be happy to help set you up for years of home theatre immersion : )