Ready For Delivery?

This is a short guide on preparing your home or space for your newly purchased AV equipment.

Look & Take Stock

If for example, you are having a TV delivered to your home take note of the devices that are currently hooked up to your older TV such as Blu-Ray or DVD players, sound equipment like soundbars or speakers, or smart devices like Amazon Firesticks or Roku devices plugged into an HDMI port. This is an important step as depending on the equipment you are having installed you can do some consolidating. Your purchase of a new Smart TV would negate the need for you to have a Blu-Ray and DVD player or a smart device like your Amazon Firestick. Your TV will have access to Android TV or LG smart services and its host of media apps will grant access to movies and TV shows on-demand as long as you have a subscription. Take stock of the devices to be hooked back up to your new TV and ask our installers if you are unsure of compatibility.

Mounting To a Wall?

Our delivery and install crew is able to adapt and mount wherever is structurally feasible and will leave your new TV hung square and true every time. We pride ourselves on our speed and efficacy, in the vast majority of installs a half hour is more than enough but some installs can quickly get more involved depending on variables that are out of our control.
Things that can slow down a mount include but are not limited to: building materials ie tile or rock above a fireplace, or unknowns like pre-existing faulty cables or bad connections in a home. Following this guide only aims to save you money as you will speed up delivery and avoid extra charges if our installers hit a snag like finding a bad HDMI cable that must be rethreaded through a floor or a wall. Make sure you pass on any relevant information to your AV guide so we can appropriately plan ahead to make your next installation as seamless as possible.


If you purchased any devices or equipment and will stream content using your wireless home internet ie Netflix, Youtube TV, or Spotify Music, our installers will request a WIFI password to pair your TV with your home network.



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